Sight Supply

Sight Supply is a conglomerate that operates multiple online retail stores and software platforms focused on the vision industry.
Sight Supply
Two Years


In 2020, our team was tasked with increasing online sales for Sight Supply and Lenses for Less, two contact lens companies operating under the same parent company. However, we faced a significant challenge due to advertising restrictions since contact lenses are classified as medical devices in the US. We recognized that the two contact lens companies, Sight Supply and Lenses for Less, did not have a large budget for advertising due to their restricted advertising options as medical devices. Therefore, as a team, we structured a performance equity deal to ensure our efforts aligned with the company's financial capabilities. This meant that our team's compensation would be directly tied to the success of the campaign. By doing so, we were able to effectively utilize our resources and expertise to achieve significant results for the company without exceeding their budget limitations.

As a team, we needed to come up with a strategy to increase sales without relying on paid media. After extensive research on the products, we identified hundreds of long-tail keywords with high search volumes and low competition on Google.


We decided to build a blog on the company's website and crafted nearly 20 articles over three months. Each article targeted specific keywords with high search traffic and linked back to the website. Additionally, we contracted a team of link builders to place backlinks into aged websites with high domain authority.

We also developed a comprehensive campaign on Klaviyo for Sight Supply's 150 SKUs. The campaign sent reminders to customers who were not subscribed to reorder seven, five, and three days before running out of product. We also incentivized customers to subscribe with discounts.


Our efforts paid off as Sight Supply's search traffic increased by 18,785% two years after launching the blog. The website now averages 75,000 organic searches annually, generating $29,000 per month organically. The success of the campaign was a testament to our team's collaborative and strategic approach, overcoming challenging circumstances to achieve our goals.

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