Los Gauchos

Los Gauchos is an Encinitas-based wine company providing hand-harvested, small-batch, and low-intervention wines from Mendoza, Argentina.
Los Gauchos Wines


The client is a low intervention wine company based in Mendoza, Argentina. They produce premium quality wines using sustainable farming practices and had been struggling to expand their reach and increase sales in a competitive market. They approached Neptune Collective, a renowned digital marketing agency, to help them achieve significant revenue growth.


The primary objective of the client was to increase brand visibility, attract a wider customer base, and drive substantial revenue growth within a short period. Neptune Collective aimed to achieve this by implementing targeted Facebook ads and effective distribution outreach strategies.


The implementation of targeted Facebook ad campaigns and distribution outreach led to a staggering revenue growth of 450% within less than a year. The increased brand visibility and expanded distribution channels resulted in a substantial boost in sales and overall revenue.

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