Carolina K

Carolina K, a women's clothing company, approached our e-commerce growth agency seeking assistance with their digital advertising strategy. Dissatisfied with their previous agency's performance, which struggled to achieve a ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) above 1.5, Carolina K was in need of a comprehensive overhaul of their online marketing approach. Our agency undertook the challenge of restructuring their ad accounts, refining their targeting, optimizing content, and leveraging data-driven insights to drive significant improvements in their advertising performance.
Carolina K


Carolina K faced several challenges with their digital advertising efforts, including low return on ad spend, ineffective targeting, and underperforming content. Their previous agency's strategies failed to resonate with their target audience, resulting in poor campaign performance and limited revenue generation. Additionally, Carolina K desired to scale their business and open a new storefront, but lacked the necessary  infrastructure and expertise to achieve their growth objectives.


Our agency implemented a multifaceted solution to address Carolina K's challenges and propel their e-commerce growth. We began by conducting a thorough audit of their existing ad accounts and marketing assets to identify areas for improvement. Subsequently, we restructured their ad accounts, creating highly segmented campaigns tailored to different audience segments and marketing objectives. Leveraging advanced data analytics, we identified high-performing interests and refined targeting parameters to reach Carolina K's ideal customers effectively.

Furthermore, we revamped Carolina K's content strategy, reediting and reformatting their marketing materials to enhance visual appeal and messaging effectiveness. Our team leveraged our agency's proprietary data and industry expertise to make informed optimizations and strategic adjustments throughout the campaign lifecycle.


Within the first month of partnering with our agency, Carolina K experienced a remarkable turnaround in their advertising performance. By implementing our tailored strategies and optimizations, Carolina K achieved a ROAS of just under 6, signifying a substantial increase in ad-attributed revenue compared to their previous performance. This dramatic improvement allowed Carolina K to generate six times more revenue for every advertising dollar spent, providing a significant boost to their bottom line.

Looking ahead, Carolina K is now poised for further expansion and growth. With plans to open a new storefront and a commitment to aggressive scaling initiatives, Carolina K is well-positioned to capitalize on their improved advertising performance and achieve their business objectives in the coming months. Our ongoing partnership with Carolina K ensures continued optimization and innovation, driving sustained success and profitability for the women's clothing company.

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